Jack was injured in a lawn mower accident in April of 2010. He lost his right forefoot sneaking up to say "boo!" To his grandpa that day. He received two blood transfusions on the lifeline helicopter as it rushed him to Methodist an hour and a half away. We were very lucky to keep him that day. He was very lucky and had no infections, which is rare after a lawn mower injury. After only two weeks in the hospital he was sent home to walk his life long road to recovery.
        About a year and a half after his accident, Jack saw another little boy on the news that had also lost his foot to a lawn mower accident. Jack was five years old at that time. He ran to his toy box and started tossing out all sorts of toys and he looked back at me with a look of desperation saying "Come on! Help me! We have to make that little boy laugh again!" He was pulling out every toy that had made him laugh when he was in the hospital. It melted my heart. We took the gifts to the boy and spoke with the family and saw how much it truly helped them to hear their child laugh, to see a future for their child through Jack, and to not feel alone in their battle to recovery.
        It took many years to get our dreams of Jacks Laughs to become a real thing and for us to get far enough in our journey to know how to best help other families, but we feel we are at a good point now. We are in touch with many families that have suffered similar tragedies and have made ourselves available to families to find if such an accident should happen to them. Within our laugh bags we include information about lawn mower support groups for survivors and the fallen, help with therapy and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), information about amputee life and how to get help with prosthetics, as well as ways to help spread our message to help other families.